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$STAG, the token project that brings real world connection.

Earn BNB rewards by holding $STAG

What Is $STAG Token?

STAG Token, built on the secure BSC blockchain, offers deer hunters, nature lovers, and crypto enthusiasts a unique blend of passive income, hunting land access, themed products, NFT programs, and more. Inspired by the majestic stag, revered for its elusive nature and mystical symbolism, STAG Token aspires to guide users through the complex crypto landscape. Just like the points on a stag’s antlers, the project branches into various utilities and markets, offering diverse opportunities and tapping into a rich financial ecosystem. Embrace the adventure and explore new possibilities with STAG Token.

Earn Rewards


Earn BNB rewards by simply holding STAG tokens in your wallet. No need for complex staking or farming. Just hold and watch your rewards grow!

Power of security

STAG Token places a strong emphasis on security. Our token is built on a secure and transparent blockchain, and we are unwaveringly dedicated to ensuring a safe investment environment.

Your Future

Invest in the future of finance with STAG Token. Anticipate the value of STAG to increase significantly as our community expands and the token gains broader adoption.

Stag-Token Founder: Jason Spurgis

As a dedicated crypto investor — who believes in hard-working values and has a love for nature, stags, and wildlife — Jason isn’t the typical tech startup entrepreneur. As a blue-collar American, and a bonafide “Florida man,” Jason lept into crypto, like many of us, in search of a better life for himself and his family. Having experienced the highs and lows of coin launches, while honing his ability to discern trustworthy investors and developers, Jason’s “baptism by fire” into crypto allowed him to build a solid network of friends and investors across a wide range of projects. 

Inspired by his own crypto experience, Jason was often disappointed by the lack of “stick-to-it-ness” of
most coin projects. He envisioned a coin that could be different, where the devs weren’t just looking
for a quick profit, and would stay with the project long-term — with the real goal of creating
generational wealth for its investors, all while helping the environment, nature lovers, and the hunting

Together, at Stag Token we can make Crypto Safe and fun for everyone………….


1. Token Evolution: Forge and deploy STAG Token on the Binance Smart Chain, marking the initiation of its evolutionary journey.

2. Digital Presence Unveiled: Launch the official STAG Token website, providing a comprehensive platform for users to explore essential project details.

3. Security Assurance: Conduct an exhaustive smart contract audit to guarantee the utmost security and reliability for STAG Token.

4. Community Rally: Initiate the formation of an active and engaged community across various social media channels and Telegram.

5. Strategic Unveiling: Execute a stealthy token launch with a limited supply, setting the stage for controlled growth.

6. Buzz Creation: Kickstart impactful marketing campaigns to raise awareness about STAG Token’s distinctive features and advantages.

7. Ecosystem Expansion: Explore potential partnerships and collaborations to broaden the token’s influence and enhance its ecosystem.

8. Engagement Galore: Organize community events, AMAs, and giveaways to foster meaningful engagement and connection.

1. Enhanced Functionality: Develop and implement additional utilities for STAG Token, providing tangible value beyond traditional holding.

2. NFT Integration Exploration: Delve into the integration of NFTs or other unique features, unlocking new dimensions for token holders.

3. Governance Unveiled: Introduce a governance system, empowering token holders to actively participate in shaping the project’s future.

4. Sustained Awareness: Continue robust marketing campaigns to keep the momentum alive and showcase the ongoing developments.

1. Security Fortification: Prioritize ongoing security measures and regular audits, ensuring the resilience of STAG Token.

2. Visionary Ventures: Set sights on a long-term vision, creating assets that seamlessly bridge the crypto realm with real-world experiences.

3. Economic Stability: Utilize external revenue streams to establish a robust and sustainable ecosystem for STAG Token.

1. Worldwide Reach: Undertake strategic initiatives to expand STAG Token’s influence globally, reaching new audiences and markets.

2. Real-World Integration: Pave the way for real-world applications, allowing STAG Token holders to utilize properties for outdoor activities and experiences.

3. Empowered Community: Uphold the tradition of empowering and engaging the STAG Token community in decision-making, ensuring a collaborative and community-driven approach.

🌟 Stag Partnerships 🌟

Built on the fundamental belief in the power of collaboration and strategic alliances ✅️

This portfolio proudly includes a diverse range of partnerships, each contributing to the innovation and growth of the blockchain ecosystem 🌐

🚀 Pixel

🚀 HSC (High Score Gaming)

🚀 Operation Phoenix (DEX, SWAP)

🚀 WOR (World of rewards)


🚀 BuildSphereX (C.A DEV services)

🚀 DragonballZ BSC (MEME)

🚀 Reward Token $RWD


🚀 Baby BNB Miner $BBM (rewards/mining)

🔷️ Defi pal

🔷️ Bitfighters

More BASED projects to come ✅️

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